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MRI Coil Repair - Electrical

We take great care in accurately assessing the problem with your coil. In order to understand what it is wrong we test the following:

  • MRI Coil Elements
  • Subcircuits
  • Pre-Amps
  • MRI Coil ID
  • Cable Assembly

These measurements are performed with custom test fixtures that are designed by OEM trained personnel. 

Whether you have a 0.2T body flex coil or a 3T 16ch. coil, we will dive in and resolve the root cause of your MRI coil issue.

We also repair other electronic assemblies in the signal path which include:

  • Head TR switch
  • System body coil
  • Pre-amp protect
  • Body hybrid
  • Integrated multi-coil assembly

MRI Coil Repair - Mechanical

MR coils get abused on a daily basis. Sometimes they get dropped or neglected. In order to get your coil looking and working well again our staff will perform the following:

  • Clean coil, connectors & replace broken hardware
  • Repair cracks & fill holes in the MRI coil housing
  • Paint to OEM color & texture (additional fee)
  • Re-foam flex coils
  • Rebuild cable assemblies
  • We replace broken plastic parts with machined parts, not 3D printed parts

Replacement Parts for MRI Coils

We redesign our MRI replacement parts to outperform OEM parts, with lower overall cost!


OEM-trained in MRI coil design and system architecture

Credited with multiple MRI coil patents

Trained in six sigma methodologies

Custom MRI coil design & calibration equipment

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